Aerobics Oz Style DVD Series 11 Episode D Taryn Noble Instructor Low Impact Exercises with AOS Girls Kelly Russell Vanessa Sanchez Mia Baker Kate McCracken

Latest video sample uploaded of the later AOS aerobics DVD series 11 episode D, where the recording started shooting in wide-screen and better definition.

Recorded around June 2004, featuring Aerobics Oz Style instructor Taryn Jones and the AOS Girls Kelly Russell, Vanessa Sanchez, Mia Baker, and Kate McCracken, in a low impact exercise routine.

This is a SAMPLE of the full 22min TV episode which is available to subscribers on the US$5 monthly package. Click on SUBSCRIBE in the Menu if you’d like to gain access to the regularly uploaded full videos.

Aerobics Oz Style Series 11D Low Impact Exercise Routine Taryn Noble Leads Vanessa Sanchez Mia Baker
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