Watch Aerobics Online Featuring Aerobics Oz Style Episodes

Please enjoy my personal collection of hundreds of recorded Aerobics Oz Style AOS episodes.

You can view hundreds of samples of my Aerobics and other videos uploaded on my Youtube channel. There are even a good number of full episodes uploaded, but as they aren’t monetized and they take a lot of time to enhance and improve before uploading!

I know that not everyone can afford or wants to PAY to access these videos, which I paid several hundred dollars to purchase, so I’ve decided that the best option was to setup and offer options for subscribers to watch the FULL episodes.

I’ll upload 4-5 episodes per week and you can either pay a US$5 monthy fee via PAYPAL SUBSCRIPTION and get the unlisted links emailed to you, or you can get access for FREE by completing the short ‘advertising’ challenges (video remains locked until completed). I trust that this is a good option for everyone.

Any questions, Let me know via email:

The Aerobics Oz Stytle Girls and Guys all perform!

Longtime regulars include; Jodie Low, Michelle Nicholas, Taryn Noble (Polovin), Kelly Martinovich, Poppy Wolanski, Amanda Breen, Mia Baker, June Jones, Gaby Kahn, Vanessa Sanchez, Erin Jayne Gard, Erinjayne Gard, Helen Tardent, Effie Michaels, Wendi Carroll, Wendy Carroll, Kate McCracken, Michelle Dean, Emma Whitty and Anton Scott.

Aerobics Oz Style is a world famous Australian aerobics exercise program that run from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s, which featured a large range of Aerobics Leotards worn by the Aerobics Oz Style team, that showed the many changing fitness clothing as it evolved over a couple of decades

The AOS girls and guys weekly performed aerobic abdominal exercises, aerobics body toning, body conditioning, kick-boxing aerobics, low impact aerobics, pilates exercises, along with martial arts aerobics and vaious aerobics routines.

Aerobics Oz Style was a long-running Australian aerobic exercise instruction television series, shown in Australia on weekends and then weekdays on Network Ten at 6:00 am then 6:30 am and distributed to many other countries. It was cancelled by Channel Ten at the end of 2005. AOS continued to be broadcast on Australian television via AURORA Channel 183 – on the Foxtel Digital, Optus and Austar platforms – which broadcasts Aerobics Oz Style every day at 6.30am AEST and also 2.00pm AEST.

In Europe Aerobics Oz Style is broadcast daily on Sky Sports 1 or Sky Sports 2 at 6:00 and it’s repeated daily on Sky Sports 3 or Sky Sports 4 at 11:30 and 16:30. In 2011 Sky Sports started to broadcast additional airings of the show. The program is now aired in the small hours of the morning, as early as, 00:30.

The AOS series began in 1982 and had run continuously through until 2005, with over 4,500 episodes produced, by production company Zero1Zero. The format remained consistent throughout its run. Each show was 30 minutes (including adverts) divided into four segments, one of warmup exercises, two main exercise segments, and a stretch/cool-down segment. One instructor leads the exercises, with four instructor / demonstrators following to the side and behind. Later shows were shot outdoors at scenic locations around Sydney, in earlier shows an indoor studio was used.

AOS Girls, Jodie Low, Michelle Nicholas, Taryn Noble (Polovin), Kelly Martinovich, Poppy Wolanski, Amanda Breen, Mia Baker, June Jones, Gaby Kahn, Vanessa Sanchez, Erinjayne Gard, Helen Tardent, Effie Michaels, Wendi Carroll, Kate McCracken, Connie Zollo, Michelle Dean, Emma Whitty, Aerobics Oz Style, Australian aerobic exercise, Aerobics Leotards, aerobic abdominal exercises, kick-boxing aerobics, low impact aerobics, pilates, Aerobics Routine, Martial Arts Aerobics, Michael Reid.

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